Audits are done to ensure that a company’s financial and non-financial records are maintained as required by the law, as we have to maintain the company’s quality standards. Audits give assurance and build trust over information used by stockholders and capital market. Audits can apply to an entire organization or could be restricted to a process or a production step. Audits instill a sense of confidence that the management is functioning smoothly. That being said, performing Audit is a strenuous task and requires an experienced Accounting professional.

Raising the topic of Audit in a small-medium Businesses will result in your Employees being stressed. We at Startup Business Accounting understand your concerns and are here to take care of your Auditing needs.

    Types of Audits performed by SBA

  • Financial Audit

  • Operational Audit

  • Compliance Audit

  • Tax Audit

  • Construction Audit

  • Investigative Audit

  • Information Systems Audit

    Why you should get an Audit done from SBA today

  • We perform Audits to a wide range of Industries and Fields.
  • To ensure the effective operation of your Organization.
  • To be in compliant with a number of administrative regulations.
  • To maintain or enhance the brand image of your Organization.

  • Control of internal policies and procedures.
  • To win the confidence of Investors, customers, and Business Partners.
  • Follow up to verify and take corrective actions.
  • If you are in need of a Business loan.
  • Suspected fraud, or Employee theft or operation inefficiency.

Whatever might be your reason, our team of experienced Accountants will cater to all your Auditing needs.

To get in touch with our Auditing professional or to inquire about more details, Fill in your details at the contact page and we will get back to you at the earliest.