Startup Business Accounting Firm San Francisco understands how tiring it is to manage Accounting, IT, and other Enterprise Application needs of a budding startup company. We make finance and other operations easily manageable while you are developing your company.

We provide assistance for everything from Accounting to HR and Payroll to even Stock/Equity Administration and IT needs. While you work on growing your Business, we will work on the crucial areas and simplify it for you. SBA is one of the best resources you can find for the small-medium Business audience.


Startup Business Accounting Firm San Francisco is the answer to all your Accounting intricacies and is a one-stop, digital assistant for all your Accounting needs and more. Read More...


Do away with the spreadsheets and other complex paperwork with our HR tools and services. Read More...


Is Bookkeeping a nightmare to you? Fret not. We will take care of bookkeeping for you while you can get back to running your Business and generating profits. Read More...

Stock And Equity Administration

Our team of dedicated Stocks/Equity experts will help you in choosing a suitable solution as per your needs. Read More...


Let our accurate and timely Payroll services save Time and Money and make life easier for you and your team. Read More...


Our Technical expertise in performing an Audit for our Clients is one of our main pillars of service. Read More...

Forecast And Planning

We provide you the data and possibilities with our comprehensive expertise in Forecasting/Planning to help you make a profitable judgment and be one step ahead always.


We simplify the difficult task of understanding and processing a comprehensive Benefits package according to your budget and your Employees need. Read More...



To be in compliance with the law, the IRS requires fair market value analysis to offer stock options. The last thing any company would want is to worry about the legal side of running a business. It is very easy to overlook some of the most important requirements like 409A valuations. As with all things related to Government, it is complicated and can impact your company greatly. That's when Startup Business Accounting Firm San Francisco comes to your rescue. Read More...

How are we Unique ?


Wide range of solutions

We provide experienced resources in any area of expertise in Accounting, HR, payroll, Design, taxes, Equity and IT. You just name it and we got it for you


At your service, 24x7

We give you the liberty to design and customize your process and have it implemented by your team.


Customize your process

We give you the liberty to design and customize your process and have it implemented by your team.


Your own office space

We also provide you with an office space which is available 24x7, equipped with state of the art facilities like High-speed Internet, Power backup, Internet, Video calling, just to name a few.


Build your team

Just by providing your Business needs, you can virtually build your team from anywhere in the world from our offshore site.


No full time commitment

We do not have a full-time commitment. We are so flexible that you can choose from our hourly, weekly, monthly, and annual packages.


Expert guidance

An Advisory Expert is always required for Start-Up Companies and keeping that in mind we have our onsite experts who can provide you with the much-needed guidance and help you need.


Visit your team

You can visit your team in offshore whenever you want for training purposes or other requirements and we take care of all the arrangements for that.

How would you benefit from us?

  • Instead of hopping around to different firms for your needs, SBA will be your only stop for all your requirements.

  • You can attain peace of mind, while our experienced team does the work for you round the clock.

  • You will have a benefit of working flexibly with us as per your needs and requirements.

  • You can either build your Business virtually through our offsite or work along with our onsite team experts based on your comfort.

  • You don’t have to deal with agents or call centers to have your needs fulfilled as you can directly work with the concerned team or person and have your issues resolved.

  • With our guided monitoring service, you can grow steadily as we work for you.

  • Address

    149 New Montgomery Street,4th Floor San Francisco, CA 94105