Accounting Services For Startups


Startup Business Accounting puts one roof over all your accounting needs

SBA is one of the best online resources for Accounting you can find for the small Business audience. Our goal is to take your Businesses to the next level by providing tools to the ‘Language of Business,’ which is Accounting.

By contracting out your Accounting needs to SBA, you will gain a competitive edge over others and that would eventually result in reduced operating costs and increases profits. We at Accounting Services For Startups understand the laborious struggle of getting accounting right and have come to your rescue.

Our Accounting Services For Startups include

  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Cash Management
  • General Ledger
  • Financial Reporting
  • Management Reporting

Any company will have to comply with regulatory requirements which are quite complicated. SBA’s novel and fluid Accounts payable system allows you to convert your Accounts payable into a system that can achieve maximum possible value from expenditures, reduced costs, better service levels and control over processing.

Our expert team understands your Accounting needs to the point and deliver cost-effective, flexible and dependable solutions. Some of our Accounts payable solutions are

  • Supervising of Vendor inquiries
  • Online payment compliance
  • Invoice compliance
  • Invoice storing and imaging
  • Check processing
  • Expenditure allocation

Cash inflow is of great importance for any organization, and that is why outsourcing accounts receivables have become common in today’s Business world. SBA provides you Accounts receivable system which increases your collections. We enable our customers to increase their control on every account with consistent follow up and reconciliations.

We provide a wide range of account receivables outsourcing services to our customers with the flexibility to outsource all or selected functions with us. Few of our accounts receivables solutions are

  • Customer Aging
  • Customer Billing
  • Preparing and delivering periodic statements
  • Cash reporting and forecasting
  • Record and account for revenue
  • Order management

We are also proficient at using Quickbooks Accounting service software.

Cash management or Bank reconciliation is the process of reconciliation of bank accounts data, which is a complex and lengthy process. If left unchecked, your Business account may go out of balance. It is crucial to turn away such problems before they are set in motion. That being said, keeping finance related and cash-flow related problems away is a herculean task. That is where we come to liberate you from the laborious works.

Our Accounting services use up-to-date software tools to give you an economical and accurate solution. Don’t let accounting errors hinder your business growth when our accounting services can catapult your growth forward. Some of our Cash management solutions are

  • Review of checks deposited, issued, cleared, and canceled
  • Bank account reconciliation reports
  • Check sequencing
  • Input data in client-specific formats
  • Reconciling bank records with credit card data
  • Reconciliation of vendor invoices with general ledger

General Ledger offers vital information related to cash flow, turnover, margins, and costs. It is the essence of all well-run organizations. Before you examine General Ledger, you need to carry out a budget exercise for which SBA helps you with.

We make it simple for your external Accountants to perform Audits, plan your taxes, and prepare tax returns. We provide you with the knowledge which is essential for the endurance and expansion of your organization through an accurate and proper presentation of General Ledgers. Some of our General Ledger services are

  • Detail General Ledger report
  • Cash flow statement
  • Income statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Fixed assets account management
  • Bank reconciliation report
  • Budgeting
  • Periodic and special reports

Financial Reporting has become a crucial part and is mandatory for all businesses today. It is compliance-oriented and is used for external purposes. It encompasses the standard weekly, monthly and quarterly reports and helps an organization understand how they have fared in a specific year.

Our certified finance and accounting team will efficiently provide you with the below financial reporting services.

  • Profit and Loss statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Statement of Cash Flows
  • Income Statement
  • Bank Reconciliation Report
  • Business, Finance and Operations Analysis Report

Our management reporting services extract the maximum possible information from your company’s accounting. Unlike financial reporting, management reporting is not mandatory. However, it helps you dive deeper into the financial standing of your company. It provides insights into specific areas of your business which eventually helps you in making a better decision. Below are the management reporting services we provide.

  • Realization Rate

  • Utilization Rate
  • Profit and Loss by class ( Department, Team, and Job)
    And much more